Friday, July 9, 2010

How to Have the Best Summer EVAH!! (Part One)

Okay guys, I have to take a short break from the shortbread and chocolate – the old jeans are getting tight.  But don’t worry; I’ll be back in a couple of days. Pacing – it’s all about pacing…

In the meantime, here are some tips for making this your most glorious summer:

1.) Stop trying to have it all, do it all, be it all. You can’t. You’re going to have to decide what you want the most and really go for it. Know what’s really important to you. Let go of the rest. You can’t be the world’s greatest mother, wife, and businesswoman. Choose one, give it your best.

2.) Stop comparing yourself to others. This is a losing battle. There will always be someone who has more of something than you do; who is younger, richer, smarter – whatever. People will be hitting the beach soon – will you be having fun or worrying about how much skinner the girl in the red bikini is? Who cares? Are you ever going to see those people again? And guess what? You’ll never be younger than you are now – better enjoy it today!

3.) Celebrate what you have. Be glad you can go to the beach. Some people don’t have the money, time or physical ability. Some people can’t see the sun sparkling on the water, they are blind. Some are deaf and will never hear the waves. Some are (GASP) allergic to chocolate! Celebrate all you have – being sad about what you don’t have is a waste of time.

4.) Give yourself permission. It's okay to just blow off a day - to waste a whole day - or even a week - frolicking or lounging. The world won't end. You won't go to Hell. You might even find yourself more productive afterward. Stop being so hard on yourself.

More tips to come!!!  Then back to the shortbread showdown and more coconut!!

Will you LIVE this summer?


Sunny said...

I am glad I stumbled across this blog. I LOVE chocolate! This post was reall inspiring.

As a fellow chocolate lover, I have to ask you, have you tried the Coconut M&Ms? I stole one from a friend last night, and was severely disappointed. There's not even any coconut ingredients in it! It just tasted like an oversized M&M!

Looking forward to your posts!


Denise Ryan said...

Hey Sunny! So glad you found me! And love your cute pic!

I agree 100% - I reviewed those a couple of posts back - try the Almond Joy Pieces from Hershey - they are new - I think Walmart has them - they come in a bigger bag in the candy section. WAY better than those M & Ms!!

Thanks so much for the comment!!! And for reading!


Bruce said...

I love chocolate! And, I loved reading your blog!!

Best, Bruce Mackh

Denise Ryan said...

Hey Bruce! Thanks for the comment and I'm so glad you like the blog!! I've been working on a video entry - how crazy is that? Thanks for reading!!