Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oompa Loompas and Peanuts

Nestle, like all the other big guns, had a pretty impressive booth at the Expo.  They were giving out samples of Butterfinger Snackerz:

These are crunchy and lighter than the regular Butterfinger.  I don't think they are better, mind you, but they are very good.  They have that awesome Butterfinger center surrounded by a "thin, crispy outer shell" - made of what, I do not know.  The whole thing is covered in chocolate with a drizzle of Butterfinger flavored - something.  These are well worth trying and should be out in convenience stores soon.  So keep your eyes peeled!  Who doesn't like Butterfingers?

This is the other side of the Nestle booth (how cool is Candy Expo?):

These were the samples they were giving out:

The top one is the Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar - made with bits of toffee, cookies and peanuts in milk chocolate.  Sounds amazing!!  I found it only average - hard to believe because I love all three of those!

The second one is the Domed Dark Bar - a dark bar with a milk chocolate "pillow" on top.  Again - average.

The bottom one is the Chocolate Waterfall Bar - see the full size here:

While it looks pretty....

It's not a very exciting bar - average chocolate.  Nothing special.  Pass.

I didn't get this at the Expo, but thought what the heck - it's a milk chocolate bar with graham crackers:

I just don't think Nestle's chocolate is the best - kind of waxy.  The graham crackers make this very sweet - textured like a Nestle Crunch, but sweeter.  There's something about this one that's addictive, even though it's not an incredible chocolate bar.  I had a hard time not eating the whole thing!

This is a limited Edition Snickers bar that Mars debuted at the Expo:

It's Snickers Extreme - all nuts and caramel - no nougat.  Autopsy photo is on the right (regular Snickers on the left):

I thought I would be all over this - loving it even more than the regular Snickers.  But you know what?  I don't!  I have under appreciated the nougat for years!  I prefer the standard Snickers to the Snickers Extreme.  There is nothing wrong with the Snickers Extreme - I mean, how could there be with caramel, peanuts and chocolate?  But I think the regular Snickers is better.  I'd love to hear what you all think.

2010 is the 80th anniversary of the Snickers bar (yep, it came out in 1930).  15 million Snickers are made each day and about 16 peanuts are in each one. 99 TONS of peanuts are used each day.  WOW!  It's the most popular candy bar in the United States.

For those of you who need sugar free candy, Dove may have the answer to your prayers.  Peanut Butter Promises were unveiled at Candy Expo:

They look great and I guess they probably are as far as sugar free goes.  But the regular ones are WAY better.  Sugar rocks!!  ; )

The peanut bar of chocolate lovers might just be this one:

This amazing bar by Green and Black is organic, but more importantly, it's a smooth delicious milk chocolate bar with caramelized peanuts and a hint of sea salt.  It's a wonderful sweet and salty combination with a delicious, high quality chocolate.  Wow!!!!  No Oompa Loompas, but the chocolate here destroys Nestle's.  And it's organic - God knows what toxins are in Wonka's chocolate river. 


cybele said...

I love, love, love that G&B Peanut bar. I found them at Target early this year and I think I've bought one a month since then. That's high praise from me, because I rarely get to eat things I've had before, it's always about the new.

I'm really enjoying your coverage of S&SExpo.

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

No nougat?! That's insane! I love my nougat.
I LOVE that green and black's bar. That company can do no wrong by me

Kris, in New England said...

Ah - bring on the Butterfingers. Love them!!!

Denise Ryan said...

Cybele - thanks for the back up!! That bar really is amazing! And thanks for enjoying my random reports - I'm still hoping to get to meet you at one of these crazy candy events. I'm going to the Fancy Food show at the end of the month since you recommended it for chocolate. See how much power you have? : ) Thanks so much for the comment!!!

Denise Ryan said...

FMFF - ha, ha!!! I didn't know I was such a nougat fan until it was gone! And I should have known you'd like the G & B bar - it really does rock!!!

Denise Ryan said...

Kris - we need to get access to a Nestle plant - I'd love to see how they make those AND eat one hot off the line - how good would that be? YUM!

Kris, in New England said...

Denise - I think there are some things better left to the imagination - like how candy bars are made.

Years ago my dad's business installed an industrial flooring protection system in a well-known pastry company that was located in our area at the time.

He never ate any food that came from there again. It was literally banised from our house. He said what he saw on the production floor was enough to turn him off to all food that wasn't made while he watched.

Denise Ryan said...

YIKES!!!! You're probably right...but I still would like to try a Butterfinger hot off the line! ; )