Friday, June 11, 2010

Death of a Dream

Remember when I told you Hershey was adding to their Chocolate World a great feature where you could make your own chocolate bar?  I was so excited!!  The bars cost $14.95, but I didn't care - I saw myself opening streams of caramel, sprinkling nuts, and squirting peanut butter.

Well, well well - it opened recently and here are the ingredients you get to work with:

Graham crackers, chocolate cookie bits, blueberry fruit gels, crisp rice, rainbow sprinkles and vanilla chips

BOO!  HISS!  Those ingredients suck!  Blueberry fruit gels?  GLAACK!  Vanilla chips?  Sprinkles?  What about peanuts for God's sake?  And do we need two types of cookie?  These were the top ingredients they came up with?  Not even marshmallow or coconut?

I am soooo disappointed.  I don't want a chocolate bar made with any of these.  Certainly not enough to spend Christmas in Hershey which I was thinking about doing so I could check this baby out.  But I don't need to go there to see this - they have something similar at It's Sugar in Myrtle Beach.  Lame.  Boring.  Definitely doesn't live up to the dream.

Nobody ever made a great candy bar with blueberry fruit gels and sprinkles.  This is enough to drive me back to Internet dating.


cybele said...

Have you tried Chocomize or Chocri? Now they have some amazing lists of ingredients to customize your own bars.

It's a little more expensive, but it appears that they use really good chocolate.

Denise Ryan said...

Thanks, Cybele - I'll have to try those!! I have this vision of making my own - but maybe someday!! Thanks for the tip!!!