Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine Ink

I have been perusing the Valentine's Day candy in various locations searching for new and exciting things to share with you all. (And because I think it's so darn fun!) I've been to WalMart, Target, Walgreen's, Hallmark, Rite Aid, World Market, and Party City so far. I have to say, most of what I've found is simply do-overs from last year. Boo! But we do have some innovators. Remember the Christmas Orange?

Well, Ferrara has created the Milk Chocolate "Strawberry":

I really beat the hell out of this one - I think it was seeing those cupids. Naked little bastards.

Now here is truly an extraordinary thing - each of the "strawberry" slices has a different design!

There are lips, a rose, a stupid (I mean a cupid), LOVE, Hug Me, Be Mine, Only You, You & Me, and True Love. Pretty damn amazing I have to say. I was VERY impressed. I'd like to see how they make these things. This involves a lot of different molds and a lot of trouble.

Now as far as the taste.....well, not so great. There's definitely a strawberry taste but I'd rather have a strawberry filling than this kind of weird fake strawberry infusion. Hard to describe. And the chocolate is nothing to write home about. Flat, yucky. But the entertainment and novelty factor is so high, I have to recommend this. Wow!

I am also convinced that this whole Ed Hardy thing has gotten completely out of control. Does the man have no shame? I mean, really, Caramel Corn?

Don't get me wrong, I like Ed Hardy's work. But when you decorate everything from car air fresheners (I kid you not)to caramel corn boxes, you ain't "edgy" anymore, you're completely mainstream. In fact, at some point, you have no artistic standards and you're just a 'ho.

The caramel popcorn was good:

And, you even get this:

A temporary Ed Hardy tattoo! Woowee! Your body could match your car air freshener! Could he at least have included something a little more Valentiney? I was hoping for his "Love Kills Slowly" design - one of my favs:

and pretty much exactly how I feel about love. ; )

I guess this just shows you how mainstream the tattoo has become. The real act of rebellion now is NOT getting one. And let's face it, a tattoo doesn't make anyone cool or sexy or anything else. A geek with a tattoo is still a geek. But how many times are we fooled by the exterior? How many times have I gotten sucked in by a cool candy wrapper or a handsome face? A person's true character has nothing to do with their appearance and everything to do with their actions over time. (Think Tiger Woods, John Edwards, and on and on and on.)

I think Ed Hardy and the Naked Cowboy should partner up. Yehaw!!!

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