Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cacao Schmow, Give Me Sugar!

I know - I may be the only person alive who thinks this, but Palmer chocolate is a pretty good deal for el cheapo chocolate. At least their Santas don't look like blobs:

And their cookies and cream isn't too bad:

In the whole package there was only one disk wrapped in red - it surprised me! But I like Palmer because they always make an assortment interesting by using different foil designs and colors. And I'm telling you, these cookies and cream things are all right! Look at those cookie chunks! Yum!

They also did a caramel tree:

Again, I like the way it looks - a star on top, a bow and all the ornaments. Pretty good job!

The taste is okay. Would like more caramel. But for the price and the artistry, I still gotta say it's good. I think Palmer just puts in a whole bunch of sugar - it's not the highest quality chocolate in the world, but it's good. I'm okay with lots of sugar - it's all about the taste to me. It's not like I'm eating this stuff to get healthy.

The last Palmer design I found were these wreaths:

Look at all these different foil designs!!

I mean - that's a lot of trouble! Very festive! And you know how I like the use of different colors of chocolate. Go Palmer!

Very sweet - again, this is not creamy, rich, smooth Belgian chocolate. There's a whole lotta sugar going on. But I gotta say, these are better than that horrible Hazelwood stuff.

What can we learn from Palmer?

Not everyone has to be Godiva (which is overrated in my book anyway). Palmer isn't even trying to be high-end. Palmer is going for fun, festive, and cheap. Palmer is being the best it can be in its own niche.

Celebrate who you are! Stop agonizing over who you're not. We can't all be Angelia Jolie. But you know what? She can't be you either. (And you don't EVER have to sleep with Billy Bob Thornton.) Make the most of what you have.

The right people will love you. Palmer has a following, so does the evil Russell Stover. You don't have to please all the people all of the time - in fact, you can't. You really just have to please yourself. And if you're in business, you have to please enough other people to pay the bills.

And finally, enough sugar can offset just about anything.


Kris, in New England said...

Don't want to be Angelina (though to be honest, sleeping with Billy Bob wouldn't be bad...I know, TMI). Now if you want to talk Kate Winslet - yeah.

But since I'm not her either, I'm OK with me.

I'm not Godiva, I'm Harry & David.

David R. Lindquist said...

Denise, I am wondering. Having started to read your excellent book, is it possible that Russell Stover is only "asleep" and not BURNING?

Diane said...

Right on! Right on!

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha, ha!!! Kris, as long as you don't start wearing a vial of his blood, we're good! And i'm with ya, I'm H & D too!

David - I think you are RIGHT!!! They have clearly lost the fire somewhere along the line. : )

Diane - we must have been separated at birth! : )