Friday, January 22, 2010

Candy on Sale!!!

There is nothing better than candy on sale! Especially expensive candy like that in Williams-Sonoma. These S'Mores were $24.95 originally, now they are marked down to $9.99:

These are as close to the real thing as I've seen. I ate one out of the box and it was pretty good. I bet if you zapped it in the microwave, it would rock! (Kris, I'm with you - never as good as the real thing.) But if you like s'mores - these are the best packaged ones I've found.

These were originally a whopping $16.50! $16.50 for a box of marshmallows! But I got them for $4.99.

They look pretty good and they ARE chocolate! But they aren't even worth $4.99. Just too bland. Boo!!!

These are another matter entirely. I saw them originally at $26.00 and refused to pay that for "a crunchy, buttery confection showcasing crisped rice and Guittard milk chocolate." I mean $26.00 crisped rice??? Please. But at $9.99 I thought I'd check them out:

And let me tell you what - they are awesome!!! The crisped rice (toasted organic brown rice) is mixed with a "homemade buttery caramel base." OMG!!! It's the caramel base that rocks these babies. Get thee to Williams-Sonoma and score some - they are fantastic!!!!

At first I thought the dancing figures on the box and liner were idiotic. After I tasted the candy, I want this as a bumper sticker. Or a tattoo.

Trust me. You too will be doing the happy dance.


Kris, in New England said...

Those W.S. S'Mores really are yummy. And since I'll be right near one tonite I may have to see if they have any of those left.

But...the real thing still stands above all others. I'm just a snob and I'm OK with that.


Denise Ryan said...

I'm okay with that too, GF! With some things, you just HAVE to hold out!

Personalized Chocolate Gifts said...

The dancing figures in the box was so cute. I like it. Definitely the Williams - Sonoma S'Mores were really good. Thanks for the yummy post.