Friday, December 18, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Ah wintertime down south! The weather people said it might snow today and by noon YESTERDAY we had already salted the roads and cleaned the milk and bread out of the grocery stores. Snow freaks us out. And, hey, I'm all for the freak out - I can't drive in the ice and snow. And judging by all the wrecks we have, neither can anyone else.

But I love the look of snow - so pretty!! And I love the idea of chocolate snow!! So here's our chocolate winter wonderland:

Look at these adorable chocolate snowmen from Lindt!

Not sure why he has a broom. If there were two brooms they could be arms. But one broom? I dunno - maybe it's a Swiss yuletide story. I don't even care enough to Google it. I prefer to think it's random and weird. There's just not enough random weirdness in the world.

These are good - Lindt chocolate is always good. They are hollow, so there's not much to them. Cute, though. Would be great decorations/party favors.

Check these out from Cadbury:

These are, quite frankly, addictive. They are like really, really good M & M's (good because there is more and better chocolate) coated in powdered sugar. Or maybe it's cocaine.

I got them at World Market and they are fantastic.

More snowballs:

These are malted milk balls covered with chocolate, then white chocolate, then white powdered sugar. They are good, but not as good as the Cadbury Snow Bites. Not enough chocolate.

There's a problem with all of this powdered sugar, however:

This was just after taking the pictures! Give these messy things to children at your own risk. Good God! At least real snow melts.

A less messier snowball:

Whoppers Sno-Balls! I reviewed these last year. They're good (they ain't no Snow Bites, mind you) but they are a helluva lot less messy - candy coating, no powdered sugar. The red and green dots get a little out of control sometimes (see the green blob sn0-ball) but overall they are pretty good. It's a malt-ball thing. If you like 'em, you'll like these (and they are WAY cheaper than the Harry & David ones).

But look at these:

After the way cool tin, this is a bit of a let down, but it gets better:

These are "a truffle-like fudge center, enrobed in a creamy white coating, and a snowfall of coconut on top" according to Harry & David. My description - "Holy smokes! Get me a glass of milk!" These are VERY rich. Fudge-like? I don't think so - I think they ARE fudge. And you know how rich fudge is! And I don't know what the "creamy white coating" actually is, but it's pretty rich too. These are very good and it would be great to have one. Only one. Ever.

Snow is an amazing thing, isn't it? Every flake different. And I have to admit, I like my people like that - yep - a little flaky and different. The kind of people who might read a candy blog. The kind of people who laugh out loud and don't care who hears them. The kind of people who are real - and everyone of you I've come to know is real - authentic - a gift. So I say again, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!


dianef said...

It was really nice to read about the "snow" candy since I'm inside resting from shoveling my driveway out. All that powdered sugar reminded me of those little doughnuts lolo!

Denise Ryan said...

It was just like those little things!!! Which I love, btw!!! See you soon I hope!