Sunday, November 22, 2009


Okay - I am getting ready for surgery, running like a mad woman, but you, dear readers, are still on my mind. I had to go to about a hundred drugstores to find some scar healing stuff I'm supposed to have, and I wound up in a CVS. The Saints of the Church of Chocolate must have sent me there! Because look what I found:

The World's Largest Reese's Cup!!! That's a regular sized Reese's Cup underneath it. Check out how giant these are:

I'm holding a regular sized one. The regular Reese's (set of two) weighs 1.5 oz, the world's largest weighs 16oz.!! A pound!!! How fantastic is this?

Look at this:

And it tastes just as good as it looks. This is a clear winner!!! A beautiful dream! It's the perfect mix of that salty, sweet Reese's peanut butter and Hershey's milk chocolate. I don't care what the chocolate snobs say, this is nirvana. I have no complaints, no suggestions - I am speechless in the presence of such wonder.

Get thee to CVS for this miracle.

(I'm not sure how I'm going to explain bleeding peanut butter tomorrow.......)


diane said...

Well, since you had to eat this one after being autopsied I sure hope you stocked up! ;)

greebs said...

I am speechless. And, I am also getting out my car keys for a trip down to my local CVS.


Karen said...

love ya blog. good luck!

Carl Weaver said...

It is like Ozymandias. I look upon such creations and despair.

That is too awesome for words. I think I will check out my local CVS to see what's what.

balufeb8 said...

Good share nice blog. Thanks for share.

Anonymous said...

any way to get them in australia?? I can't order them on hershy's website.

Denise Ryan said...

To my Australian friend - I wish I knew! You can order them on, but I don't know how many millions it would cost to ship to you. CVS is the only place I've seen them for sale in the States. Good luck, mate! (They cost about $10 at CVS, Amazon has them for $40!)

Anonymous said...

In Australia you can get them at Costco in Sydney :D Enjoy!

Denise Ryan said...

Thanks for the update - I'm so glad to know they are in Australia!!!!!