Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keeping Us Safe on the Seven Seas

In case you've been worrying about those nasty Somali pirates, Nicolas Cage is going to save us. He recently visited a Kenyan Prison to meet with some of the pirates to hear their stories. Apparently some of the inmates danced for him. (That is lovely.)

He feels that by listening to them he will understand what is fueling the piracy.

Apparently Nicolas Cage is not very smart. The pirates have guns and little, fast boats, but no money. Big, slow boats loaded with money and cargo come by. The pirates use their guns and fast boats to get the money. It's thrilling, can be lucrative, and you even get idiots from Hollywood visiting you in prison.

Here's Cage's brilliant quote,"Then I'm in a position where I can actually make some sense and talk about it when I go back to the States where I go talk to different U.N. Councils and discuss the matter." Huh? Good thing he's a U.N. goodwill ambassador on drugs and crime and not literacy.

Send in the Naked Cowboy!! Haven't heard much about his lawsuit against Mars. Hopefully their lawyers squashed him. He should have been thrilled to have an M & M in his image. Ingrate.

I don't have any chocolate updates - I've been too busy! But I'll have some soon! I'm taking the Florida goodies to the Sorbet Sistahs on Saturday, so you'll get pics and a group review! Stay tuned! (And sleep well, Nicolas Cage is looking out for us.)

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diane said...

Sounds like background work for a new movie! but he can use whatever excuse works for him ;)