Thursday, November 20, 2008

Peeps Will Set You Free

Welcome to the final episode of the fabulous JustBorn tour! As we ended the last entry, our tour guide, Cindy Glick, Director of Corporate Affairs was looking at us with a gleam in her eye as she leads us off to see how they put the eyes on the Peeps.

We climb up some stairs to a little room (kind of like a control tower). As we walk up I notice the stair railings are coated with a dusting of the orange sugar coating being used on the Peeps that day. I really am in candy land!! We enter the next room where two Ooompa Loompas are watching a conveyor belt loaded with Peep coast through a machine. There are a lot of Peeps going through - not as many as the Mama Hen makes - maybe about half that amount. And I hear these "pa" "pa" sounds - like a air gun. A soft popping sound. I, of course, am still on my sugar high and am excitedly interrogating the Ooompa Loompas. "Is that air?" "It looks like of like it's dripping, but it's not, is it?" Whoa, those on the edge are off the mark!" I start going "pa" "pa" - I am fascinated! I thought people might have to do the eyes, but oh no! People do more handwork on the seasonal pieces. Like the Gingerbread Man Peeps.

But this is really cool. I could hang out and watch this stuff for hours. Let me show you what the Peeps on the edge looked like:

See how their little eyeballs don't quite line up? See what a precise operation this is? A little off kilter and it all goes to hell! I hope you have a new appreciation for the artistry of the Peep eyeball.

Now what does all this have to do with you? How can touring a candy factory help anyone? Well, let me tell you.

You have to have a passion in your life. If passion is too crazy for you, call it a hobby. Something you find fun, something exciting. And if you are really into it, this could be knitting! (Different yarn, patterns, whatever!) The economic news makes it look like we may be in for a tough ride for the next several months. What's going to keep you smiling? What captures your attention? Amuses you? Don't just write this off as silly or not worthy of your time. It's okay to have fun and enjoyment. In fact, what's life without it?

Your passion will bring you great opportunities. Tell everybody about it! Your enthusiasm for it will be contagious and people will want to help you or take part. Karen Friedman set up the JustBorn tour when she found out how crazy I was about candy. Leann from Lake Champlain sent those awesome chocolates. Jenny Prevatte (a friend of mine) sent me two enormous slabs of homemade fudge. None of this would have happened if I kept my love of candy a secret. People want to be part of your excitement.

After our tour, my friend Karen sent a thank you e-mail to Cindy and she responded, "The truth is that your and Denise’s spirited enthusiasm was contagious. Seeing Just Born through Denise’s delighted eyes reminded me again why I do love it here. The two of you gave me a gift as well. Thanks."

How great is that? Let people see your excitement - we all want to be around people who are passionate. There are too damn few of them! Your excitement may rekindle theirs! I think of lot of the JustBornites enjoyed our visit. How great it must be to see how much joy your work brings to others.

Your passion or your hobby will unite you with your tribe. I have met so many fascinating people through this crazy candy adventure! Those I've mentioned above, some of my fellow bloggers - check out Candy Gurus and the National Confectioners Association - I have links to them on here. The Internet has made it possible to connect with people all over the world who are excited about the same things you are. And we'll be talking about the Chocolate Show - more of my tribe! Your tribe is waiting for you too. Do you want to have fun with them or sit around worrying about things you can't control?

Your passion can keep you from getting boring. Are you learning new stuff, having new adventures, meeting new people? If not - get on it! You either grow, learn and change or get boring as hell.

Your passion can set you free! If you are obsessing over a person, the stock market, or anything else you can't control, your passion gives you something else to focus on. Something that you enjoy. It gives you your power back. I wasn't worrying about anything when I was touring JustBorn - I was totally in the moment. Your passion brings you back to you - who you really are.

Just ask these guys:

Peep, Peep!


Carl Weaver said...

Very inspiring! Thanks, Denise!

Heidi said...

I agree with Carl! This is one of those posts that I need to print out and put on my refrigerator door. It's fun to think about the things that we enjoy -- these things bring smiles to our faces on days that are otherwise gloomy. My problem is, my life is so full with mom stuff and work stuff that I tend to lose myself and completely forget what my passions are! I'm glad you reminded me to dig deep and reconnect with the things I love to do -- the things that make me, me.

Satria Sudeki said...

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Diane said...

I'm loving your blogs. You never fail to make me smile (& think)! Thank you for being you!!!

Denise Ryan said...

Diane - thanks so much for your comment - you made my night!!!