Monday, November 24, 2008

Lindt Truffles Deal!

I'm currently visiting my great friend Heidi in Kentucky - and we are going to visit a chocolate factory tomorrow! So just a quick post again tonight.

Lindt has a great deal going right now! Yes, this is Lindt of the most awesome melt in your mouth truffles. Spend $50 and get 50 free truffles!! That's $25 worth of free truffles! If you like Lindt, get some now!! You can always get some gifts and keep the free truffles for yourself!

Ho, ho, ho!!!

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Leann said...

Have a great trip Denise! I'm green with envy about your peep trip. I LOVE peeps. Especially when they start to get stale. Epcot went well and the classes were packed. Now, it's on to Holiday craziness. Busy Busy Busy! Talk to you soon!