Sunday, November 23, 2008

Motivation by Pay Back

Just a quick post - this video is great:

And it made me think several things:

1.) I hope I'm in this kind of shape at 73! Damn! Keep exercising. If you don't, start. This WILL be the most important thing you can do for your health. Want to lower your health care costs? EXERCISE! Have more energy? Exercise! Look at the video if you don't believe me!

2.) You can either whine about what happens to you, you can let it go, or you can get some payback! I never thought payback was a great idea for motivation, but now I'm revising my thinking. I now think that anything that motivates you to grow, to become more, and to have a better life can't be bad.

3.) You can keep growing as long as you're still breathing. At 73 this man is going back to college and playing basketball! If we were all so brave and so determined! What an inspiration!

4.) What's going to drive you this year? And into the future? It may not be a sense of pay back, but what will it be? I'll be honest with you. I find all this dire talk about the economy has me living a more fear based life than I like. After watching this video, I thought - who am I to be afraid? This man took the floor at a college basketball game at the age of 73! Screw the economy! Life is good! I need to figure out what exciting things I'm going to achieve next year instead of worrying about hanging on to what I have.

He's not playing to protect his old body, he's playing to win the game. And the sense of joy and life is contagious.

5.) Ask for what you want and keep asking. Who would have thought he would find a college that would let him play? Ask, ask and ask again!!! You'll NEVER get what you want if you don't ask.

6.) Any coach that can't take a little whipped cream in his shoes is a humorless jerk.

In fact, you could say our hero was motivated by whipped cream!!!!!!!!!!! : )


daishz said...

chocolate and sweets mmmmh yummy

Carl Weaver said...

Yeah - the coach who can't take a joke like that is someone you don't want to be around or need to take seriously.

Great post, Denise. thanks for sharing the video.