Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Chocolate Contest Continues!!!

Okay Gang - post those stories or recipes or whatevah!  The big Chocolate Week contest ends on Sunday at midnight!!!  I got my bag from the National Confectioners Association today and it is cool!!!

It has a great tag from the mysterious and all powerful Chocolate Council:

Looks like a bag of cacao beans:

And here are all the goodies - you could win!!!!  Come on - your odds are really, really good!

I've never seen these adorable mini Green & Black's bars:

This one was toffee and was so so delicious:

Now, remember, the actual contents may vary - but what the heck - it's free and it's chocolate!  Life is good!  Post an entry and you could be opening a great goodie bag like this one!

And don't forget to check out http://www.thestoryofchocolate.com/.  Here's a tidbit from the site:

There is no scientific evidence, however, that chocolate is addictive. Instead, people who desire chocolate likely do because of its sensory properties, its melting sensations and intense taste. Its aroma and flavors are highly complex. More than 500 compounds responsible for aromas have been found in roasted cocoa beans, and chocolate has more 1,500 flavor compounds—three times the number found in wine.

So see?  We are not addicted to chocolate, we simply love the way it tastes.  And clearly, it is more complex than wine, which makes us even cooler than those snobby wine people.  Chocolate lovers of the world - arise!!!!!


Anonymous said...

...so, I went to the cool History of Chocolate website and learned some interesting facts about chocolate.

Here's what I learned that I can use....

Coffee is grown from a root. That means it is as good for your health as vegetables grown from the ground! Dark chocolate (my favorite) is medicinal and helps with the lowering of cholesterol.

Therefore, a foregone conclusion must be that dark chocolate is an unprescribed medicine for lessening cholesterol while growing from a caoco bean (beans are good for you!).

Ta Da!

Robin Necci

diane said...

I checked out the link & there's some very interesting stuff out there. All they really need to add is a link back to your blog... lol (hey, it's only fair, right?)

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha - Robin, you crack me up as always!! And Diane - you are right!!!!! Love you both!!!

Chocolate Montreal said...

Ohhhooooo....I guess I missed the opportunity. I also love to have chocolates. Sometimes I try making at home for my kids.

Anyway I'll keep on eye on your blog. Hope another opportunity is coming soon.


Denise Ryan said...

Hi Elena! So sorry you missed it! Thanks for the comment - and for being brave enough to make your own chocolate!!!