Monday, August 31, 2009

Peanut Butter Payback

I told you all about the f'ing sorbet that was given to us as a lame excuse for dessert and that we were going to get peanut butter mousse as payback. Well, let me tell you - revenge has never been so sweet!

My dessert loving friends Beth Bowen and Tracy Seabrook and I (all serious sorbet haters) went to Mez, a fantastic contemporary Mexican restaurant to get our payback. I mean, one evil sorbet must be countered with one kick-ass dessert. Things in the Universe have to be kept in balance. (And once peanut butter mousse was mentioned, we had been able to think of little else.)

Take a look at this:

That's a scoop of the lightest, creamiest peanut butter mousse EVER covered with an equally delicious chocolate ganache. Those are toasted peanuts around the edge with a caramel drizzle. Can you say "died and gone to heaven"? Tracy did an impressive imitation of Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" during the famous orgasm faking scene. Let's just say heads were turning and we didn't care. This was the best dessert EVER!

Saving the world from sorbet requires attention to detail. Sometimes you have to lick a plate or two.

After such a life changing event, we decided to become permanent dessert crime fighters. I present to you, for the betterment of mankind, the Sorbet Sistahs:

Vowing to never accept something as lame as sorbet for dessert, we are committed to trying the best desserts the world has to offer. Our goal is to tip the balance so far away from sorbet, that chefs everywhere will be ashamed to try and push that crap off as dessert.

The Sorbet Sistahs - saving the world, one dessert at a time.


KiddoKare1 said...

Denise, you crack me up! And that looked YUMMY!

Denise Ryan said...

I know - I'm a nut!!! Thanks, Tracy!!! That dessert was amazing - the picture doesn't do it justice!!

d j / s p l i t said...

I'm taking issue with anti-sorbet bashing, girl!

I made a lemon, lime & fresh mint sorbet Sunday and it rocked!

You'll just have to come over and try it...


Denise Ryan said...

Jonny, my man! You can't possibly think a sorbet could complete with that peanut butter mousse!! Sorbet is just a tease!! I think the Sorbet Sistahs might have to come to your house and put things right. ; )

(Although I'm damn impressed you are making something so fancy. Ooo-la-la!!)