Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bob, Bob, He's Our Man!!

Well, my good buddy David (a market research guru and all around genius) offered to help me recraft my profile to keep out the lesser men (i.e. cat freaks). We took out the reference to Peeps. I'll keep you posted.

I went to a great event last week - it was a chocolate tasting at Chocolaterie Stam (I've reviewed them before). I love this place and was thrilled to go back!! The owner, Bob Droog is a dream - I love this man! Neither a cocky devil nor a pompous jerk, he's just a great guy who loves chocolate.

I love the shop itself - so European with crystal chandeliers, rich gold and purple colors, and glorious chocolate displays:

The picture doesn't do it justice, but this is Cinderella's coach. Who the hell needs a prince if they have a sweet chocolate ride like this?? I'm just saying....

Now the fee to go to this awesome event was a measly $12 - $2 of which went back to the group:

If any of you live in the Raleigh area - you might want to check this group out. And if you haven't been to Chocolaterie Stam - you've got to add it to your list!!

The entry fee got you endless (yes ENDLESS) coffee or chocolate drinks of your choice, samples of white, dark and milk chocolate, brownies (and they were some damn fine brownies), cookies, gelato, and anything else you wanted to try! Can you believe that? And Bob gave us a great talk and answered whatever questions we wanted to ask (well, about chocolate anyway). He's just the best.

I wanted to actually BUY some chocolates - Bob deserved something - he was giving us everything!! Here are the beauties I got:

Amazing buttery caramel (the square), the white chocolate with the lovely leaf motif is filled with hazelnut ganache and three whole hazelnuts, the leaf is a mocha flavor with espresso bean chips (yum!). They are all VERY sweet and creamy - just like you would expect the best Belgium chocolates to be. No weird spices or crazy experiments here. And you know what? I like it!!!

The lessons?

There's nothing wrong with tradition - in fact, there's something really comforting about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for pushing the envelope. But sometimes you just want regular old chocolate - no bacon, chili pepper, lavender, or spices you can't pronounce.

Share your passion with people and they will never forget you. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Nice guys don't always finish last! (Well, unless they have the cat thing going......)


diane said...

Those look wonderful! I'm jealous... I also need details on that killer ab routine of yours ;)

Denise Ryan said...

Diane - those are awesome!! We'll have to get you out this way so you can try 'em!! And then we could do the ab routine together!! : )

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