Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Making It Big in the Candy Business

Things are still going good on the dating front. I actually met my guy's bother and his wife this weekend. A good sign, yes? Don't worry - I'll upload a pic soon. I'm such a chicken!!

Back to Candy Expo!

Remember I said it was all about the people? Well one woman I really enjoyed meeting was Gia Michaels. She owned an automotive aftermarket business for 13 years, then got married and had kids. She became a full time mom and in her spare time began baking and working with candy. Her treats were so good, she started selling them. She bought 150 pounds of chocolate through her local Costco. To thank the manager for helping her get all the chocolate, she sent some of her goodies. She soon got a call from Costco asking if she's like to sell large quantities through them!! She was launched! You go, girl!

Her website is

Here she is - she's so cute! And look at this great booth:

The great thing about Gia's treats is that they are PACKED with topping. We're not talking one or two sprinkles. This is a toffee covered pretzel. You can barely see the pretzel!!

And look at these Dunks - pieces covered with assorted chips and candy bits:

Don't they look great? They are!
I really love all of her packaging - cute and classy. (Perhaps she should have a sit-down with John Daly.)

But here's the big deal - her Gourmet Garbage:

Gourmet Garbage™ is a premium unique blend of dark, white and milk chocolates, heath crunch, peanut butter morsels, fine candies and chocolate covered pretzel pieces. This gourmet blend can even be eaten right out of the jar!

She also has recipes for this - things as simple as adding it to microwave popcorn or s'mores. What a great idea!! She's working on a deal with the Home Shopping Network. How exciting is that?

Gia took a lot of time to talk with me - she was terrific! I wish I had more pictures of her products - they all look terrific and taste great. She has great ideas and just loves what she does - it really shows. Keep your eyes peeled for her products and snap them up if you see them!! Here's hoping the Home Shopping Network makes her a star!


Anonymous said...

Denise, thank you so much for writing about me! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the All Candy Expo in Chicago. Your passion for chocolate was evident! I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed my gourmet candy and I am happy to report that my website and Gourmet Garbage (R) cook book is in its final phases. Keep in touch as will I. Gia Michaels.

Denise Ryan said...

Thanks, Gia!! We are all cheering for you!! Let us know when we can buy them and good luck!!!!

Heidi said...

Oh wow, what a cute lady, and what a SMART lady.

I'm ordering it!!!

I want to know more about her business savvy. Does she have a blog?
We can learn a lot from her, especially us moms. :-)

Denise Ryan said...

Gia doesn't have a blog yet - but she loves making her stuff! And she is a great Mom/businesswoman (a lot like YOU!).