Monday, June 29, 2009

Taking Peanut Butter and Chocolate in Vain

There really is nothing new under the sun. I found a book today entitled "Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Life" by Luann Dunnuck. Luann pretty much has the same idea I do - take these simple (but oh so awesome) things and use them to motivate people. I was really looking forward to her book.

Oh - I was sooooo disappointed. I didn't realize it was going to be a big God book. I don't mean a funny, Church of Chocolate kind of book - I mean a quoting a lot of scripture, preachy kind of book. A LOT of scripture. And Luann isn't funny - not even a little funny. Let me give you an excerpt:

"Remember, you are far more valuable than the peanut butter cup. You are created with a purpose and a plan in mind. Lift up your head and know that God has endowed you with good qualities."

Get out! A human is more important than a peanut butter cup? No way! I wasn't sure of my place in the Universe until I read these inspirational lines. (Although I believe peanut butter cups were also created with a purpose and a plan and they have been endowed with some mighty fine qualities.)

There is nothing wrong with religious writing - but this was a true waste of a great, great idea!! The linking of chocolate, peanut butter and scripture was not very well done. Random recipes tossed in at the end of each chapter add to the weirdness. It was like the book was written and it was so boring that someone added catchy chapter titles and recipes so the boringness could ride on the backs of peanut butter and chocolate. Most of the content has absolutely nothing to do with either peanut butter or chocolate. I am so bummed that Luann destroyed a great idea by using it for such a crappy book. And I think peanut butter and chocolate were used - USED, I say!

How about this line:

"Just like the peanut butter cup, you are a delight, but you may be thinking, "How can God delight in me, with all my faults?"

Or how about:

"You matter to God and those around you. If God in His wisdom could help man to create the peanut butter cup, surely God can perfect you."

AAAIIIEEE!!!!! I wanted to stick a fudgesicle stick in my eye when I read that. What a horrible use of the peanut butter chocolate tie-in.

I'm no religious writer, but I don't think anyone can be "perfect" - whatever that is. I think wisdom comes from doing the best with what you have and who you are. That making the most of the unique gifts you have is what's life's journey is all about. That the hardest thing is not to realize that God delights in you, but to delight in yourself. We are so hard on ourselves.

And I think that peanut butter and chocolate are here to add to our joy and fun - whether you worship God, Buddha, Jesus, a tree or the cacao bean.


Heidi said...

You should still stick to your book idea.

And now we know why the agents at that Christian writers' conference didn't go for MY book idea ... they were interested in books like that one.

I feel better now.

Your blog readers, and mine, have such better taste (pun intended).

Denise Ryan said...

I think they didn't go for your idea because you can actually write!!! I'm going to send you this book so you can see what I mean - you'll die!!

diane said...

Heidi has the right idea! YOU write the book on chocolate & peanut butter (& caramel, & nuts, & cinnamon -or whatever). That's why we appreciate you... the best ever motivational speaker. And you give out chocolate. What could be better???

Denise Ryan said...

Thanks, Diane!! You're the best!!! I hope you have a great
4th - thanks so much for all you and yours have done for our country!!