Monday, May 4, 2009

Keep Walking, No Matter What, Keep Walking

Things still going good on the dating front - I hate to say too much - I'm so afraid I'll jinx it!! Just know that so far, so good.

I did get a drunk dial from Afghanistan Man Saturday night. You gotta love that - he asked me for the second time if I had one of his motorcycle helmets. I told him again - no. I reminded him that I had no reason to keep it - I don't have a motorcycle. He said I might have kept it out of spite! Ha, ha, ha! Can you imagine? I said "Let me get this straight - I send you nine months of care packages while you're overseas, but I kidnap your motorcycle helmet? Surely you know me better than that."

What could he say other than that he was sorry?

I think that alcohol and loneliness must have combined to make calling me yet again seem like a good idea.

I have to say that, in retrospect, finding his online profile was a great thing. If I hadn't, I would probably be embroiled in a horrible relationship right now wondering why things didn't seem quite right. Instead, while it hurt like hell at the time, it freed me to meet a much, much, MUCH better man.

Just goes to show you that sometimes things really do work out for the best. We can't see it at the time, but they often do. They make you stronger, they open you up to new opportunities, and maybe when one door closes another door really does open. We just have to keep walking.

And speaking of keeping walking - I have NEVER, EVER won one of those contests where you have to guess how many things are in the container. In fact, I seldom even try because it just seems impossible. BUT when the National Confectioners Association and my good friend Carl Weaver (check out their great blog at had such a contest for free candy, I gave it a shot. And I won! Well, I came in second, but I still got the prize!

Don't we all have an increasingly long list of "I never win at those" or "I can't sing, wear that, dance, etc. etc." or "I could never....." The older we get, the more we take things off the table. The more we limit our own possibilities. Here's another challenge for you - the next time you catch yourself taking something off the table - force yourself to put it back on. Sing the song, wear the outfit, play the game, enter the contest - you might be surprised at what happens.

Just give it a shot, just keep going, just stay in the game. And if you get discouraged, you let me know. I'll be glad to pull you up and/or push you forward. And as long as I have candy, I will share it with you.


Heidi said...

Girl, you're my hero.

I'm so proud of you on so many levels.

And what the h--- is wrong with that guy, calling you drunk? Tell him the next time his digits dial your number, you're sending a dog named Achilles to his front door.

(Ha ha, just don't mention that Achilles is a white puff ball who is scared of his own shadow).

Oh, this guy just burns me up.

So glad you did not stay with that one very long!

Denise Ryan said...

You are sooo right!! Thanks so much for all your support, GF!!!