Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exciting Stuff!

There are big things going on here in North Carolina!! Tonight I'm getting the NC CPA Association's Speaker of the Year award. I'm really excited because I've never gotten anything like this before. You know, you just don't have that many chances to get awards as an adult. When you're a kid there's perfect attendance and sports and good grades, etc. etc. But who cheers you on as an adult? Especially when you work for yourself? And the man I'm dating is going with me! He actually wanted to come! How cool is that?

Okay - that may seem like no big deal to you, but I've attended functions solo for 12 years and it gets really old. You gotta love a guy who will sit through something like this voluntarily. He gets BIG bonus points in my book.

So - YAY!!

Also exciting is the fact that the Field Museum's amazing Chocolate Exhibition is coming to Raleigh!!! The website is really cool - I can't wait to see what the exhibition looks like!!! Wheee!! It opens this weekend, but I'm not sure when I'll get there. You can bet it will be soon!! You will see pictures and hear tales.

Also HUGE is my trip to Chicago next week for candy expo!! OMG - I am sooo excited about this!
I mean - look how amazing this is:

Over 450 confectionery and snack companies from around the world
12,000 qualified industry professionals in attendance
Visitors from 69 countries attend and exhibit
More than 2,000 NEW snack and confectionery items on display

I think my head might explode when I walk in - the map of the exhibit hall looks like a small city. A city of candy! I don't think they'll let me take pictures, but I'll do my best to describe everything!! I'm also doing a chocolate tour of Chicago while I'm there, so I'll have lots to report.

What fun things are you planning? If any of you want to plan a road trip to Raleigh to see the Chocolate Exhibition - you just let me know and I'll go with you! Remember - you only get to live this life once - make it count!!


Heidi said...

Yay! You're having fun and good things are coming to you at last.

You so deserve it, girl.

I wish for you the greatest happiness and all the chocolate you can stuff into your happy mouth.

Denise Ryan said...

I'm really lucky to have YOU for a friend! I love you, Heidi!!

Candy Gurus said...

Congrats on the award.
Some day maybe I'll see your speach and not just your writing :)


Denise Ryan said...

Matty - thanks so much! We would have a blast - I can say that!! I'll send you guys something from the EXPO!!!