Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Demise of the Whitman's Sampler

I'm working on a new seminar - so tough to come up with new ideas!  And I'm doing a little research on the Whitman's Sampler.  I came across this post that was just terrific!  Had to share it with you all.

Yes - Valentine's Day is coming!!

Fantastic post about the Whitman's Sampler

I am wondering why the Whitman's Sampler fell so far - it was the go to candy when I was a kid.  I bet it will be completely gone in 10 years.

Maybe because they haven't changed a damn thing in like 50 years?????

Maybe because Russell Stovers is LAME?  They bought the brand back in 1993 and have done absolutely nothing with it.

What do you all think?


David R. Lindquist said...

I think one problem for me as a chocolate enabler (for the spouse) is that the Whitman Sampler only ever shows up at pharmacy-type locations alongside a vast armada of utility chocolate bars. Call it guilt by association but the brand doesn't say "this is top shelf."

Diane said...

Interesting commentary!

Denise Ryan said...

Thanks, Diane - I thought it was too. Can you imagine how much time it took? Wow!

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha - David - I think you're right. Although you do have that thing going for Russell Stover.....

Unknown said...
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