Friday, January 4, 2013

Push Harder or Be Grateful?

I've been eating WAY too much chocolate lately, but I have taken some time out to actually write a blog post!

It's on my FireStar website since it's not really about chocolate.  But for those of you who might be thinking about your life (doing the whole New Year's thing), I think you'll find it interesting:

Happy, Happy 2013!


tom said...

Everything in moderation at the end of the day. I wouldnt stop eating chocolate for anything, sooner give up air.

jeff said...

Well, there's Denise! How 'bout that.

If you don't want to pour yourself into a long and thorough blog post over the perils and rewards of picking the right shape from a Whitman's Sampler (I believe there should be a mathmatical solution to avoid the coconut ones), it's perfectly okay to just post pix of the aforementioned Venice trip.

Good to see the freshness of an MbC post amongst my blogroll, regardless.

Similarly, regarding your student friend, remind him (and don't forget to remind yourself) that the goals are certainly important, but so are the efforts. A man's character is rightly judged by the quality of his work, regardless of its scale. If that work is the design of a bridge or the fabrication of a thousand rivets, there's no value to mediocrity. Greatness in either endeavor is equally as noble, honorable.

His situation is not uncommon in this culture. When faced with the prospect of either greatness or failure, many (if not most) folks opt for surpressing their identity in favor of the anonymity of sameness. Nurture that spark in him that is his individuality. The voice that nags at him to push harder will be his own, instead of yours.

I was that kid.

Now, back to that report on your trip to Italy...?

Happy New Year.

Denise Ryan said...

Jeff! So good to hear from you! Dang - your comment is better than my post! Well said, my friend, well said.

And you are right - I owe you guys an update on Italy - will get on it soon - promise!!

Happy New Year to you!
Warmly, Denise

Denise Ryan said...

Tom - AMEN!!! I'm with you!

Thanks for the comment!