Saturday, February 11, 2012

For All the Free Time You Have - More Chocolate Blogs!

In my frenzy of New Year's organizing, I am going through my e-mail inbox.  Yes, Virginia, I am an e-mail hoarder. 

Or I have been.  I have sworn to empty the inbox by Monday morning.  (I started with 1246 e-mail messages, I now have 299.)  Now before you judge me, many of these were links to things I wanted to read (ha!) or video I wanted to watch.   Many were address updates.  But there really is no excuse.  Dr. Zasio (from Hoarders) would have some deep questions for me, "Denise, how could you let it get like this?"

I'd be like a lot of the people on the show - staring blankly at the mess in front of me, mumbling somehting about how it just happened. 

Anyway, there is a reason for me airing my electronic laundry.

I found an e-mail sharing this blog post listing the author's choice for the 50 Top Chooclate Blogs (and we made the list!): 
Be warned - if you go check out the list, you might get sucked in.  I cannot be held responsible for what happens to your time.


Mostly About Chocolate Blog said...

I found the list of 50 chocolate blogs - thanks! I hope you'll pop over to mine too and hopefully you'll enjoy it. You do totally rock and hey - front cover is front cover no matter what the magazine!! You're not getting older - you're getting better ;-)

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha - you are very kind - thanks! and thanks for the comment!! I'm going to pop over right now!!