Friday, June 6, 2008

Passion, Chocolate and Your Life

Today I read the story of how Scharffen Berger Chocolate got started. Like so many of the chocolate companies, it's a story about passion - two men who became enthralled with making incredible chocolate. Having something you are passionate about is a key factor to staying motivated, excited about life.

If you have a passion - fantastic!! Make sure you allow time to engage in it. Make its pursuit as much of a priority as you can.

I'm more concerned about people who say they have no passion and have no idea how to discover their passion. I'm telling you - you have to plug into this source of energy and engagement. Life is too short not to. Here are some questions/ideas that might help:

Was there something you really loved as a child? If you don't remember - ask your family. You may not embrace it in the same form you did as a child, but there may be an idea there.

Is there something you are intrigued by? It could be anything - ballroom dancing, true crime, art, chocolate! What would you like to learn more about? Look into it, do a web search. If it draws you in, if you lose track of time - that could be it! The world is such an exciting place - there must be something you'd like to know more about!

Is there something you really like to talk about? I've always loved to ask people about their most loved and most hated candies. I love it! It cracks me up!

Don't censor yourself. This is where people blow it - they start saying, well, I can't do that or that's stupid. Don't take any idea off the table. If you're excited by it, give it a chance to develop!! See what happens!

It's okay to let go of an old passion that doesn't light your fire anymore. You change over time, so should your interests.

Try something new. There are so many places you could go that you've never been. So many groups you could join (check out and take a look) and free classes and seminars you could attend. Don't let fear keep you from discovering your passion. Don't stay stuck in your rut.

If your life is boring and passionless, it is your own damn fault! Life is waiting to show you how fabulous it is and how much more you can become.

It took a lot of passion to turn the bitter cacao seed into the amazing "food of the gods" - chocolate. Who knows what wonders could be created through your passion? Find it!

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