Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Corporate Promotional Chocolate

I love the idea of promotional chocolate!  And there are many different ways to do it.  this company, Tasty Image (http://tastyimage.com/) contacted me and asked me to send them a jpeg of my logo.

I was thrilled to get a box of very well packed samples:

This is a really great rendition of my logo in a sugar coating over a block of delicious creamy milk chocolate.

Here's a business card in dark chocolate - this one was still good, but I preferred the thicker milk chocolate.  But how cool is a chocolate business card?

This is a chocolate coin - very cute.  They also do pictures - you could use this for a wedding or a graduation or a cute baby pic.

Not very big, but so fun!!!!  And yes, I know there's a fine line between cool and cheesy - you have to figure how how not to cross it on your own.

See how the sugar layer works?  The image is printed on and then attached to the chocolate - probably when it's nice and melty.  Yumm......melty......

Now here's another option - logo on the wrapper:

This is Thea Kincaid of Thea's Ideas http://www.theasideas.com/ - she came up with this terrific idea to promote our businesses at the upcoming New Bern Professional Development Conference - where I'll be giving my Motivation by Chocolate session. Isn't she great?  And how do you like our funky cool fire background?  Woohoo!

The chocolate in Thea's bars is rich Belgian chocolate - super creamy and great.

Here's another version of the promotional wrapper.  This one contains AMAZING chocolate by Jack Fisher confections http://www.jfconfections/ based in San Diego.  It was created for the Lodge at Torrey Pines - a very swanky place.

The ingredients are to die for - English toffee with dark chocolate and cacao nibs.  This was delicious gourmet chocolate that the Lodge has to be thrilled to have its logo on.

The Lodge was my kind of place - not just one, but TWO corporate chocolate bars!!  This one is another version of the chocolate business card and was made by http://www.sweetpetiteconfections.com/.

I love that Arts and Crafts logo - rendered beautifully here.  And it's packed in a lovely Arts and Crafts style tissue paper.  The entire thing is a work of art.  This is the back of the bar - isn't it gorgeous too?

The ingredients here?  62% dark chocolate and Hawaiian sea salt - a sweet, delicious dark chocolate and the perfect amount of sea salt.  A fantastic bar!

And yet another version - here's it's all about the wrapper.  The Gamble House is a famous Arts and Crafts home - when I saw this in the gift shop, I had to grab it.

Not amazing chocolate, but good enough.  Certainly no mockolate!

The bottom line?  Chocolate is good business!  Companies have come up with easy ways to replicate your logo or pictures or website - and who doesn't love chocolate? 


diane said...

See, if you're really good at something people will notice! And girlfriend, you're VERY good at what you do... besides being a good friend. and what a cool way to promote business. :)

Denise Ryan said...

Diane - you are so sweet! I miss you!!!! Hope everything is going great!!! You'll have to send me an update when you have time.