Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NC State Fair 2010 - Food Fest

I approach the State Fair like I approach all things in life - all or nothing, take no prisoners, burn the boats, eat until you explode.  I've never been good with all that moderation, kumbayah stuff.

So in preparation for the attack - uh, I mean our visit - I went to the State Fair website to get a list of all the new food items http://www.ncstatefair.org/2010/General/FoodFinder.htm
I performed two dramatic readings of the list on the way to the fair.  There were two items I absolutely wanted to try - fried Chips Ahoy cookies and fried pumpkin pie.  I also decided I would try a Kool-Aid pickle.  I mean, you only live once, right?

My fellow warriors and I had already decided we would begin the attack by having lunch and decided we wanted to try deep fried bacon and cheese mashed potato bites.  Now, just think about that for a minute - cheese, bacon, mashed potato -sounds so good, right?

Would you believe we saw that booth first?  AND they had the fried chocolate chip cookies?  Score!!

As we got in the line, we noticed the sign:

Yes, that says "Chocalate Chip Cookies".  Almost as bad as the embroidery entry we saw in the arts and crafts section that read "Merry Chritmas."  Dear God....uh, I mean Jesus.

Here are the mashed potato bites:
These were horrible.  The "cheese" is on the side, the bacon is like Bacos, and the mashed potatoes were instant.  GLAACK!  A beautiful dream destroyed.
These odd shrimp shaped things are the deep fried chocalate cookies:
It was more like deep fried chocalate chip cookie dough and IT WAS AMAZING!
If you go, you have to get these - so damn good!!!!!!

A cute little candy booth:
The festive midway - we strolled this only in search of food.  No distractions until the mission was completed.  And the mission wouldn't be completed until they had to call EMS.
Then we saw this booth - it mentioned deep fried Chips Ahoy which I thought might be different than deep fried chocalate chip cookies.  I felt no risks could be taken and we should check this out.  They also had a deep fried Ho Ho and a deep fried honey bun which I still want to try.

Here's the display of their wares - the red things are the Kool-Aid pickles, the fried thing is a honey bun? (who the hell knows) and this is one version of the Krispy Cream doughnut hamburger.  None of us wanted to try that.
When I saw the Kool-Aid pickles, I wanted to retreat.  Those things looked heinous!  But my fellow warrior Larry tried to convince me that the pickles looked so yucky because they had been sitting out in the sun on display.  I said if they were $3 I would try them, but not if they were $6.  They were $3:
And they looked just like the ones on display.   Oh well - I tried one:
And it was horrible:
Think cherry and pickle.  Gross.

But there was still the fried Chips Ahoy!  This is what Chips Ahoy look like when you put them in a fryer.  FDA?  EPA?  CIA?  Where are you guys?
There's the finished product:
We tried to eat them but they were WAY too hot.  So we strolled along for a bit.  It was kind of like being in Heaven.
This was the big new thing this year:

Go ponytail man!!!!  (Love the looks on their faces.)


The Chips Ahoy finally cooled down enough to eat.  See how they are nowhere near as gooey as the chocalate chip ones?
They were pretty damn good.  Not as good as the chocalate chip ones, but damn good nonetheless.  We strolled some more.  I bought some pumpkin fudge which was amazing and delicious and I already ate it so no pictures.  It was like pumpkin frosting.  Yummmm!

I like this ride - it looks like candy:

Ah-ha!  Deep fried pumpkin pie!!  Pineapple lemonade!  And chocolate batter funnel cakes!
Here's the pumpkin pie with caramel drizzle and the required confectioner's sugar (which I was covered in from head to toe.  I kid you not - it was on my shoes when I got home.)
This may not look good - but I thought it was awesome!  It had real pumpkin pie filling.  Yay! Yay! Yay!
I couldn't eat these - just no room, but I really wanted to.  This is a turtle brownie funnel cake with chocolate batter, chocolate chips, caramel - if only my stomach wasn't so full and funnel cakes weren't so big!
And they had loads of other great flavors - chocolate obsession, black forest funnel cake, pecan praline, blueberry, apple..... So much food, so little space in my stomach.

 I did get the pineapple lemonade:

Didn't like it - too sweet.  Ha, ha, ha - did you read that?  I thought it was too sweet!  A woman covered in confectioner's sugar!

This man (who I found very creepy) was selling the world's largest gummy bear - which I had to touch:

And the world's largest gummy worm, which I did not touch.  See what I mean?  Kinda creepy.

Speaking of creepy, you could (in theory) win this:

Or this Rastafarian Simpson banana:
We had pretty much conquered the food list and decided to go see the award winning cakes (I love these things).   Intricate holly leaves (Merry Chritmas!):
My fav - so colorful and festive:
Cake sushi!
This is way too frilly and sappy for me, but the detail is amazing!  See the pacifier, the bottle and the shoes?

I like this one too:
And how damn funny is this wedding cake?  A pumpkin and a squash!  Love the veil and the bow tie.
Then we saw this and angles flew down from heaven and I could hear harps playing:

I think they got a little carried away with the confectioner's sugar (this is when it got on my shoes):
I knew my warriors were tough when one of them said, "What?  Only three?"
I wish this picture were clearer - there was probably confectioner's sugar on the lens.  But you can see that delicious Reese's peanut butter cup in there.  We decided this was a tie for the best of the day.  Deep fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are just so over the top, decadent and delicious.  But that deep fried chocalate chip cookie dough was to die for!!!  (Of course, at this rate I will be dying for it.)

On the way out we cruised through this really great show of NC flower power.  I thought I was taking a picture of these pretty mums, but apparently I was taking a picture of that blockhead waving. 

Festive candy land!!!
Do painted rocks count as flowers?

This is a random (but pretty) CD clothespin butterfly:
This is the whole CD display - which actually looked pretty cool with the sun hitting those babies:
We spent some time people watching before we left (which was very scary) and overall, had a blast.  It was a gorgeous day and a celebration of food, fun and friendship.  And maybe fall, frosting and freaks.  Possibly flowers, frying and felons - but I'm not sure about the last one.

The Patron Saint of Single Women!


Ben Z said...

Dear Lordy Lord! I need to get myself to a (southern?) state fair someday! I almost choked on my saliva as I was scrolling down at those photos. ha. gross...but less gross than that gummy large intestine.

Kris, in New England said...

Looks like a GREAT time. All that food would make me puke though... I admire your cast-iron stomachs!!!

Diane said...

So... how much running came after this food excursion to Ward off those 20 pounds? ???? rofl. Hope you didn't get sick after all that.

Denise Ryan said...

Ben - come on down!!! That fried chocolate chip cookie dough alone is worth the trip! OMG - I said the same thing about that intestine! (The creepy guy was not amused.)

Denise Ryan said...

Kris - my cast iron stomach is a scary thing. And God knows what I did to my arteries!

Diane - I'm going to have to pay for a long time!!!!!! I am clearly insane. But it was worth it!!!!! Well, not the Kool-Aid pickle. GLAACK!

Christy Griffith said...

I was just randomly searching for fair food and I found this post from a couple years ago. You are a woman after my own heart! And the funny part is, I made that cake you liked with the slices cut out. I didn't have a good picture of it, so it's kind of cool to find one with the ribbon!

Denise Ryan said...

Christy - thanks so much for your comment! I really did love your cake - gorgeous!! Did you enter one this year? I didn't get by there and I hated to miss it! If you go to the Fair with a teenage boy, you miss all the good girly stuff! : )