Monday, August 2, 2010

JTruffles - Amazing New Truffle Line

I've raved bout the folks at Seattle Chocolates before.  But now - well - I have to tell you - they have completely blown me away.  They've developed a new, amazing truffle line ( they told me about at the Fancy Food Show.  They said they would send me some samples.  Now it has been in the 100's in North Carolina, and chocolate truffles are fragile, very fragile. 

The first set of eight they sent me contained two melted ones.  When Kirsty (their Marketing Maven) heard that, she said - "No way - melted is unacceptable" and sent out more.  All of those were melted.  But I told Kirsty it was okay, I could work with the first ones.  Oh, no - she sent a third set!!!  These people are not only passionate about chocolate, but passionate about customer service and getting it right.  I am very, very impressed!!!

I love architecture, so these designs really appeal to me - look at how cool they are!  Pyramids, deco skyscrapers - I LOVE these creative designs.  I got to meet their chocolatier at the Fancy Food show - and he's so creative and awesome!!  And excited about delicious chocolate creations.  My kinda guy!

Think Mayan and Aztec temples - where chocolate originated - and gorgeous Art Deco skyscrapers as you look at these chocolate works of art.

This is Pura Vida Cafe:

I'm usually not a big fan of coffee and chocolate, but this truffle is the perfect blend.  The milk chocolate is creamy and delish and the strong coffee flavor (actually Turkish ground espresso beans - oh la la!) is offset by the cream it's mixed with.  I loved it - that's how slight, but definitely there, the coffee taste was.  YUM!

This is Limoncello:

Wow!  If you like lemon - this is for you!  It contains a white chocolate ganache with lemon zest and fresh cream in a dark chocolate shell.  This is a super creamy lemon filling - think lemon tart - offset by dark chocolate.  Lemon lovers - this is your nirvana.

See the influence?

The Chrysler Building - one of my favorite buildings in all the world.

This is Cherry Praline:

I think this one could use a stronger cherry and pecan flavor - they were awfully subtle (the chocolate was stronger).  I really love the idea of those two flavors together!!

This is Savory Hazelnut:
Now I really like hazelnut and chocolate, so I was pretty excited about this truffle.  And it did not let me down!  It's almost like eating a hazelnut brownie.  It has tiny hazelnut pieces and a great texture.  I honestly can't think of a better way to describe it - think of the best chocolate brownie you've ever had and add hazelnuts.  That's what this is like - not as sweet as Nutella, a bit more on the salty side.  A+++ 

This is the Magma 65 Dark:

Billed as the line's signature truffle.  It is pretty damn amazing.  A flavorful, smooth dark chocolate with fruity notes.  It's fantastic and dark chocolate lovers will do back flips.  I usually am drawn to milk chocolate, but this one was so good it won me over.

This is my favorite of the shapes - so detailed and so deco!  It's Creme Brulee:

This truffle is filled with vanilla custard ganache and has a layer (at the base of the cream) of carmelized sugar.  And I thought I was going to love it more than I did.  The mixture of textures was awesome, but the slightly burnt taste of the sugar and the bitterness of the dark chocolate took away too much of the sweetness for me.  I bet I would have liked it better in milk chocolate.  But I have a crazy sweet tooth (I like frosting out of the can).  I loved the way the sugar was handled - just like on a real creme brulee (if it's done right!).

This one is Creme 40 Milk:

This is a delicious creamy milk chocolate truffle.  A great basic.  But I actually prefer a truffle with nuts or caramel or some other flavor infusion.  But for a plain milk chocolate - this is delicious.

Another art deco influence:

This is salt water caramel and it's the one I was most excited about:

HOLY SMOKES!!!!  This truffle is a world rocker!!  Chewy caramel - so so fresh and delicious with a dash of salt coated in delicious milk chocolate.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Overall I adore this new line - creative shapes - unlike any I've ever seen and delicious accessible flavors.  Not that crazy weird stuff like lavender or bacon. Glacck!  Think elegance and deliciousness.  And passion - for chocolate and for people.


Evan Thomas said...

Those look SO cool and inventive. I think they could make me a truffle lover.

Denise Ryan said...

Evan, I know how hardcore you are - but these are awesome!!!! Thanks for the comment!! It is cool that they used architecture - I LOVE that!

Matt said...

these look very good. I've started liking chocolate more lately. Not sure what's wrong with me. My issue with truffles though is that i can't eat more than 2 in a sitting.

GotChocolate said...

OK, is it just me or do those "truffles" look like Darth Vadar's helmet? Seriously, if you quint a little and look at the uneaten ones, they SO look like that! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, those look REALLY good. Mmmm, DARK CHOCOLATE... er, are they DARTH CHOCOLATE???

Kris, in New England said...

OMG these look amazing. So much so that I may have to place yet another order with Seattle Chocolates.

Cuz I got the assorted truffle bars and - let's just say I'm working hard on my willpower cuz I just want to eat them all - now. The Oracle loves them as well - and he's not a huge chocolate fan.

I was also impressed at the wrapping. Shipping from Seattle to CT is not a short distance and they came prepared! They were shipped via FedExp and there were four freezer gel packs wrapped carefully in a foil-like bubble wrap. Despite the heat the bars arrived un-melted.

I'm loving Seattle Chocolates!

Denise Ryan said...

Matty! Yay! You are coming to the dark side!!! I know - me too - it took me about three days to write this post!

Denise Ryan said...

GotChocolate - you crack me up! I didn't see it until you mentioned it and I still think you must have watched WAY too much Star Wars as a kid. (I know I did!) Thanks for the comment!!

Denise Ryan said...

Kris, I am with you!!! They are just amazing!! Don't you love those truffle bar wrappers too? Like works of art - both inside and out. The Oracle - ha, ha - maybe we'll convert him to our passion! : )

Kris, in New England said...

Denise - there were wrappers on the truffle bars? :-)

Denise Ryan said...

Kris - Bwah, ha, ha!!!!!!

Sunny said...

Those are so beautiful and so amazing, I wonder how much they cost *sweats just thinking about it*

Denise Ryan said...

Hey Sunny! I know what you mean! The good news is they are going to be available in chocolate shops, so you could just buy a couple. WAY better than Godiva!!