Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Love Little Debbie

Little Debbie is full of surprises. Besides being the cutest little kid EVAH, she is rocking the house at Valentine's Day. I like the fact that the boxes boldly ask you to be her Valentine. And since it looks like I won't have another Valentine, I am taking her up on the offer. Hey - at least she shows up with cake!!

First up are the iced brownies:

Love the heart shape and really love the heart shaped sprinkles! (Not be be confused with nonpareils). As you know I don't think LD's brownies are the best in the world, but these are so festive and at $1.79 for a box of five, you can't beat them. After being snowbound with them all weekend, I have come to love them.

Each of these boxes has cheesy Valentine's Day cards you can cut out and give to your beloved. My favorite has a pic of two heads of lettuce and says "Valentine, lettuce us be together."

Now these just look gorgeous. They come two hearts to a pack:

Can you see the beads of moisture? I like the chocolate drizzle - makes them look elegant. Seriously - elegant Little Debbies! Who needs a fancy chef when you can just just whip these babies out?

Now here's the surprising and heartbreaking thing - the chocolate hearts were kind of dry. I know - shocking! After all, you can see the moisture! I don't know what happened, I'm just telling you. They were dry enough that I actually preferred these:

I KNOW - I couldn't believe it myself. I adore chocolate. I consider the Swiss Cake Roll an act of genius. But the pink cakes had a lot more creme (see for yourself) and were much more moist. They were a lot better. Maybe I got a bad batch of the chocolate ones - at the end of the creme line - who knows. But if you have to choose, go with the pink ones.

I've saved the very, very best of all for last:

These are amazing. Two cookie-sized cakes, with a thick layer of cherry creme (not too strong) between them, and the whole thing dipped in chocolate. These are amazingly delicious. You want a Valentine's Day treat - look no further. My heart belongs to Little Debbie.

And if I don't get out and get some exercise, my waistline is going to belong to her too!

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