Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Valentine's Day Conversation Continues

I seem to be on a nostalgia roll (pun intended). While better than the "chocolate" Necco Wafer, no one would say a Tootsie Roll is the best chocolate they have ever tasted. But the company has been around a long time (1896) and is another great American candy company. They produce lots of other popular candies - Sugar Babies, Junior Mints, Andes Mints - to name a few.

And I like the Tootsie Roll - low in fat and with a good taste, I'm a fan and I don't care who knows it! Here's this year's Valentine offering:

I would like to see the Tootsie Roll people get crazy and make Tootsie hearts. I think that would be cool! Hey - a girl can dream, right?

But Tootsie is trying to get in on the Valentine's Day conversation and Necco better watch it's back!

See these? They read Puppy Love, Kiss Me, Call Me, I Love You, Sweetie Pie, and Be Mine! Sound familiar? Hmmmm....... at least I can read these. But I do think Necco was robbed.

Now here's something I did not like:

All the Tootsie Rolls are vanilla. And it's not a very good vanilla. At first they have kind of a chemical taste, but as you keep chewing (what can I say - I'm no quitter!) they have a better vanilla taste. But these are inferior to the chocolate Tootsie Roll and I hope the Limited Edition stays limited.

If you want a REALLY good chocolate Valentine treat, try these:

I really like Guylian - especially their chocolate seashells. (So creamy!) And these are completely delicious - the Guylian website describes them as "individually wrapped, delightfully sculptured Belgian chocolate hearts filled with exquisite roasted hazelnut praliné." They will melt in your mouth. A Tootsie Roll may NEVER melt in your mouth.

The Guylian hearts have been my favorite Valentine's Day treat so far. Oh - and on the back, the hearts say "I love you." What could be better? This is chocolate that tells you it loves you. I'd say Guylian has taken the Valentine's Day conversation to a whole new level.

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